Modern Warrior Series: War Shirt #5 – Homeland, 2017

Color photographs, hemp cord, daisy wheel printer cartridge, printer cartridge case, floppy disc case, floppy disc, resisitors, metal buttons, glass beads, metal beads, 54.5″W x 28″H x 8″D. Collection Nelson-Atkins Museum, photos courtesy Nelson-Atkins Museum.



Modern Warrior Series: War Shirt #6 – Waterways, 2017

21-32” 1080p led televisions, 6-12” x 18” digital still frames, 21 channels of synchronized video, digital stills, steel, video players, cabling, ethernet bridge, wood, 22’-0”W x 9’-0”H x 4’-0”D. Commissioned by Mountain Time Arts, Bozeman, MT. for the 2017 series Waterworks.